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Barcode Label

Sense print supplies a wide variety of custom blank or printed barcode labels. With up to 4 colors on paper, polypropylene, vinyl and polyester materials. We use top quality stock from manufacturers like Fasson®, Avery®, Flexcon® and high cost performance Chinese materials. There is a large inventory of standard dies to choose from or we can make custom dies to meet your specific needs. Labels can be converted to be in rolls, fanfolded, sheets or piggyback depending upon your application.
All our labels has been tested by our engineer,they work well with our ribbon.We will be your reliable one stand supplier for your thermal printing.Belows are some of the materials we commonly use. For more materilas and specific request,please contact us directly.We are happy to assist you to find your needs.
pp labels Paper Labels
Paper lables are lightweight, flexible and an economical solution for your indoor product applications. Popular uses include both industrial and consumer labeling, such as instructional, communication, warning and safety messages.

Plastic Labels
Plastics are strong, durable barcode labels and possess excellent resistance characteristics that can meet a wide range of application requirements.There are many materials,such as PET,PVC,PP。。。

Direct thermal Labels
Direct thermal labels is one kind of barcode labels which no ribbon is required during pring.There is a special heat activated layer where imaged is formed when the label is heated.

Care Labels
There are many types of care labels.Some of them could be used as barcode labels and specially used for thermal transfer printing.

Custom Barcode Labels

Can’t Find the Label you are looking for?

Sense Print provide customed labels such as: Company Logo Labels, Compliance Labels, Nursery Tags, etc.

  • 1.Four Color Process Printing on Rolled Labels
  • 2.Flood Coating and Tinting Available
  • 3.Choose from Rolled, Piggyback or Fanfold Labels
  • 4.Special Materials and Adhesives available

If you require a custom shape or a label sheet configuration that we do not already have. There is a one-time setup charge (on first order only). This setup charge covers the cost of the cutting die that we require in order to cut the label sheets to your specifications. The setup charge ranges between $85-$1200,depending on the number of images or complexity of your requirements.