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Polyethylene Labels - Polypropylene Labels

PET-PP Labels


PET Labels Description

Polyethylene labels,short as PET labels, are strong, durable and possess excellent resistance characteristics that can meet a wide range of application requirements.Sense print offers quality polyethylene in your choice of colors, shapes, sizes for your quick and easy application to your product.

PET labels products list:
Transparent PET label
Matte silver PET label
Silver PET label
White PET label
PET synthetic label

PP labels Description

PP labels is a kind of green product.It was often used for surface protection tapes such as over-lamination tapes bvefore due to its poor printability.Following the technology advancement and the market demand for environmental protection,PP synthetic paper has been developed.After chemical surface treatment,it has good printability and is widely applied on cosmetics,shampoo bottles,supermarket,frozen foods,eclectrical applicances and so on.

PP labels products list

Matte White cavitated PP synthetic label
YOPO PP synthetic paper
Top-coated white PP synthetic paper
Ultra clear OPP label

PE label

PE label is also a kind of green product.It has excellent pliability and can be applied on curved surfaces with good adhension.Squeezable PE label,specially designed for cosmetic facial cleanser tube application,to flexibly and perfectly fit the contour.

PE label product list

White PE label
Matte transparent PE label

Recommended ribbon: Wax-Resin,Resin ribbon